Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Face of Jesus seen from the heavens by Google Earth

Here he is, look, on a farm in Hungary. The look-alike was spotted by a 26-year-old man as he used the mapping website to look for vacation destinations.

Zach Evans, from the U.K., spotted the outline in satellite pictures of a field on farmland in Hungary.

He told the Sun: "I'm not a religious person looking for images of Mary or Jesus in everything, but this is obvious."

We're a little more concerned that Zach was scanning the farmlands of Hungary for his vacation. Nice this time of year?

the story ends there... lets take over this story from here...

least but not last where Christians claim over the miracles, here are some other examples of what they claim

Ironing out sins: Jesus appears again on an iron, frying pan and on a wine bottle

I only can advice Christian world to wake up from the temptation of Satan who is calling for the worship of a Human!

Islam completely reject all these false claim by trying to prove a miracle from which come from nothing, after all this is only a core-incident and by chances. these cannot be miracles and surely miracle doesn't have to take place on wine bottle!

If you want to see a real miracle captured by Google earth, here is a video where you should watch

Google Earth Proves that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is RIGHT!

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