Friday, April 9, 2010

A 15-year-old French Muslim girl has beaten the ban on Islamic headscarves in schools by shaving her head.

Sister Cennet Doganay was banned from her classes. Over what? For only wearing a headscarf. As it went against the new law banning religious signs in schools, introduced this term.

At school on Friday she said: "I will respect both French law and Muslim law by taking off what I have on my head and not showing my hair."

The lowest criteria of Hijab is to cover hair (when has no right to maintain Niqab)

By their sick actions, they have proved that, they are not working for Freeing women but fighting against Islam.

France decided to ban all religious symbols in state schools, including large Christian crucifxes, Sikh turbans and Jewish skullcaps.

As the law was introduced in September, schools were told not to automatically exclude pupils who arrived wearing headscarves, but to try and avert a showdown through dialogue.


Cennet Doganay, whose family is of Turkish origin, had only been allowed into the study room at her school in Strasbourg since early September, as they negotiated her return to class without a headscarf.

With her newly-shaven look, she was allowed into school on Friday.

She told journalists waiting outside: "I respect the law but the law doesn't respect me."

Her mother said Cennet had tried everything "a beret, a bandana - but they still refused to let her into class".

"She has been traumatised since the start of term. But all she wanted to do was go to school like everyone else," she told French news agency AFP.

Reports say about 120 schoolgirls across France insisted on keeping their headscarves at the start of term, but most have since given in under threat of expulsion.

(1) These people claim that they are developed. They do roaming being nude and even don't tolerate others to maintain modesty. Is this how they are Civilized? Wrong, they have nothing to do with humanity. They are just wicked Human Beasts.

(2) Most of our sisters LOVE to keep roaming here and there undressing their hair. Sisters don't you feel SHAME? Don't you feel a little bit? Just focus, a only 15 Years old Girl to protect her Haya. Then why you can't ??

(3) Brothers, do we really believe in Islamic Brotherhood? Do we really believe all these Ayahs and Hadiths regarding One Ummah? If we do, then why don't we act like a BELIEVER? What's wrong with us? Why we don't feel the pain of our oppressed sisters? Why don't we work to draw an end of their sufferings?

If we can't work for our oppressed brothers and sisters, we don't have any right to claim to be a Muslim.
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